Just wrote myself an XML Viewer and thought I'd put it up here for the world to look at and ridicule. Source code available here.

Note: unlike certain people, I don't believe in having long-ass classpaths when running, so just run the jar with an XML file and watch it display beautifully.

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"The crew of an RAF Nimrod, out on manoeuvres the other day, upon finding that one of the hatches wouldn't close properly and it was getting damn cold, managed to plug the gap with a teapot. Now, this has to be the single most British thing that's happened in about the last sixty years."

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According to HR Bartender, these are the 10 skills all employees need:

  1. Communication
  2. Computer
  3. Customer Service
  4. Empathy
  5. Learning
  6. Math
  7. Organisation
  8. Problem Solving
  9. Research and information gathering
  10. Teamwork

Notice that, only 2 of these are taught in schools explicitly and even that, usually poorly. I never learned one thing about customer service in any of my education, for example. Most of my instructors were of the poor variety, and still are in areas I find rather challenging, however, I'm improving in all these areas, thanks to a great deal of effort. I'm still waiting for the results to manifest themselves.

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People who know me know I love my Kindle and it is my favourite way to read books, despite its shortcomings. Indeed, if I could find a suitable role at the Amazon office responsible for it, I think that would be my dream job (note to any Lab 126 recruiter, contact me using any of the methods listed on the right of the screen). Lifehacker shows us how to convert PDFs to Kindle format for the device. I'm not sure how this compares to Zamzar which also offers this feature and a lot more. Any readers have comments?

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Lifehack teaches us how to network better with 6 tips:

  1. Network with a purpose. Don't just go to meet anyone, if your purpose is to find your next job, keep that in mind as you target people to approach; oh and don't hide your intention -- it's transparent anyway.
  2. Smile and be friendly. People are drawn to smiling people, but be sure to make it a Duchenne smile.
  3. Seek first to listen, then to tell. After all, the person you're approaching is dominant, so let them dominate, if not, see #1.
  4. Take business cards. Or have your phone ready with a QR code and/or Bluetooth to exchange contact information.
  5. Circulate. Your goal should be first to roam around the room, having brief conversations with everyone before doubling back and going to those with whom you found the most rapport
  6. Follow up. On exiting the venue, I email those I want to keep in touch with immediately from my mobile, so I don't forget to do so. A sample message "It was nice meeting you name. I look forward to reading about your project in the news soon. Let's figure out how we can help each other? -- H"

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To stay awake longer, Lifehacker recommends tricking your brain by focusing on what you are doing. There's a lot more in the links, so check it out and let us know how it works out for you.

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Lifehacker links to how clothes should fit which hopes to demystify how men's dress clothes are supposed to fit to make shopping and dressing process a bit easier. I will try this, but I'm not sure it will matter, because I simply do not care enough.

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A company named for a fruit has eaten your main line of business, you need to pivot. Fortunately, the Nokia is used to pivoting. I would not count the Finns out yet. They have a successful education system, one of the lowest levels of inequality on Earth, and an externally-focused populace. Only time will tell if Nokia can reinvent itself, for the fourth time in its history.

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I revived my eee tonight using NetBSD on Brad's suggestion. It seems like this will make a good development machine.

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